I'm Maribell Mormontoy Travel Advisor

Maribell was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. She studied Tourism at Universidad San Antonio Abad in Cusco. At 19 she learned about the Work & Travel exchange programs which opened her eyes to new experiences. Besides working at recognized and high-rated hotels and restaurants, Maribell had the opportunity to visit some of the main cities in the US. While abroad, Maribell realized how much she appreciated her ancestral culture in Peru.

"We take photos as a return ticket to the moment otherwise gone"

Random things that I love



  • The black Keys,
  • Joe Satriani,
  • and Jarabe de Palo


  • “My Sweet Orange Tree”,
  • “News of Kidnapping”,
  • and “Magic Mountain”

4 favorite destinations in Peru

Gocta Waterfalls, Peru
Galapagos, Ecuador
Amazon Rainforest, Peru
Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Some tips and recommedations when traveling to Peru:

Ask friends their favorite places to visit and make them your own

Just plan and go, waiting could take forever

Get up early and make the most of your day

Be open to new stuff, special food


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