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I'm Rachel Walker Travel Advisor

I was born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire and became addicted to traveling during my family trips to Europe. After getting a Bachelor’s in French Literature, I lived in France for four years to work and pursue my Master’s in Language, Culture and International Affairs of the Americas. My first taste of Latin America culture was through volunteering in Quito, Ecuador, and I completely fell in love. Now I find myself in Peru and look forward to exploring more.

“Much of the thrill of venturing to the far side of the world rests on the romance of difference.” - Beyond the Blue Horizon: How Ancient Voyagers Settled the Far-Flung Islands of the Pacific, Roff Smith

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The Beatles,
Monseiur Perine,
and Ludovico Einaudi.


“The God of Small Things”,
“Guns, Germs, and Steel”
and “The Stranger”.

4 favorite destinations in Peru and Galapagos

Machu Picchu

Some tips and recommedations when travel to Peru and Galapagos:

If you have the time, start your trip in Lima with a visit to the Larco Museum. Peru has so much more history than the Incas and the Spanish conquistadores. The Larco Museum puts a lot of that into context. Also the restaurant there is amazing!

Don’t be afraid of destinations with long bus rides in Peru. The buses here are the most comfortable I’ve ever been on, even for overnight bus rides!

Being a vegetarian in Peru isn’t always easy, but when you do come across a veggie-friendly restaurant, the food is incredible! I recommend Veda in Lima for the vegetarian friendly traditional dishes, Heart’s Cafe in Ollantaytambo for their veggie burger and enormous and colorful side salad, and Tree House Restaurant in Aguas Calientes for their many veggie and vegan options.

If you have the time, add a free day in your itinerary. There is so much to see and do in Peru and as tempting as it is to pack your itinerary with activities, having some down time is great to reflect on what you’ve already experienced and thoroughly appreciate the place you are in at that moment.


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