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I'm Richard LeonDirector

I joined this company in October 2004 after receiving a degree in Music Business and Management from Berklee College in Boston, MA. After 10 years of work in the industry, I went back to school to add an MBA with a specialization in Tourism Management to my qualifications. As director, I enjoy the challenge of collaborating with local operators, communities, partners, and staff in the cultural context of Latin America.

For me, travel is cherished time when the routine of daily life gets thrown out the window and my soul and senses absorb everything around me like a sponge. I try to let my mind wander in a new place and get inspired by the experiences and the people I meet along the way. It doesn’t matter if I go exploring on my own or in company of friends and family - travel always presents an opportunity for me to learn and be awed by nature and the human spirit. The best trips are the ones when I return home a different, better version of myself.

Random things that I love

Hiking & camping
Playing drums
(check out my band Pooow!)
Learning random things with Youtube
Exercise & meditation


Spotify Discover Weekly,
and James Brown


“The Last days of the Incas”,
“How To get the Right Work”
and “A New Earth”.

4 favorite destinations in Peru and Galapagos

Machu Picchu
Inca Trail
Cruise through the Galapagos Islands
Ollantaytambo Fortress - Sacred valley

Some tips and recommendations when traveling to Peru:

Peru is an exhausting destination. Due to logistics, many wake up calls are very early (5am) with lots of walking at altitude. You feel you need a vacation after your Peru vacation. Hence, I recommend adding a free day here and there to lay back and enjoy the destination and hotel.

Pamper yourself while in Peru. The value is great. So do use the hotel spa, go to higher-end restaurants, etc. You will only be in Peru once, so make it extra special.

Peru is a special place in the world. You can experience the desert coast, snow glacier mountains, and jungle rainforest in one vacation. If time permits, do consider doing a hike or outdoor activity (2 day inca trail, 4 day inca trail, downhill mountain biking, etc) and consider a visit to Puerto Maldonado.

Splurge on a high-end hotel. Once you go 5-star, you will not want to go back. At least one night, at a special 5 star hotel and lodge and a highlight of your trip. Again, for what a 3 star costs in New York city, you can get a unique 5 star in Peru. Totally worth it!

Do learn about Peru’s history before visiting. There is a ton on Youtube. If you enjoy reading, then The Last days of the Incas (by Kim MacQuarrie) is a must. You will have a much better context of the history and dramatic value of the places you will be visiting (and sometimes sleeping as some of our hand picked hotels are Inca temples).


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