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Etched into the desert coastal plains of Peru exist the UNESCO-recognized attraction and ever perplexing riddle of the Nazca Lines. Built to such enormous scales, the only way to fully appreciate these ancient glyphs is from above in a small, low-flying plane. The debate regarding the significance of the lines rages on, generating more questions than answers. But one must also acknowledge that the lingering mystery is part of the appeal.

  • Elevation 1,950 ft (600 m)
  • Climate Nazca is located in the coastal desert region of Peru. Year-round conditions are generally sunny and dry. With only an average of 4 mm of rainfall each year, Nazca is one of the most arid regions in the world.
  • Summer From December to March
    Daytime: 80°F (27°C)
  • Winter From June to September
    Daytime: 60°F (18°C)
These ancient geoglyphs are the most sought after attraction in Nazca. A hummingbird, monkey, and spider are among the most iconic shapes.
Nazca is the capital of the Nazca Province in Peru. Some flyover tours to admire the Nazca Lines depart from the city’s Maria Reiche Neuman Airport.
Visit the museum and former home of Dr. Maria Reiche, a German archaeologist who dedicated her life to the study of the enigmatic Nazca Lines.
Ascend the steps of this 43 ft (13 m) tower, called the Mirador, and look out over three Nazca shapes etched on the desert floor more than 2,000 years ago.
Learn how constellations in the southern hemisphere sky match up to the Nazca Lines. It’s a nice complement to a flyover tour.
These sophisticated spiral-shaped aqueducts were constructed by the Nazca Culture and enabled them to survive in an otherwise barren and extremely dry climate.
Excavations from the ancient cemetery revealed burial artifacts as well as mummies of upper class religious figures and leaders from the Nazca Culture.
The archaeological complex of Cahuachi was likely a ceremonial center for the Nazca Culture where fine pottery and textiles were produced.
Cerro Blanco is the sandy 6,800 ft (2,070 m) summit of an arid mountain outside of Nazca City, earning itself the title of the world’s highest sand dune.
An aerial view in a small, low-flying plane is the best way to appreciate the full scale of the Nazca Lines. Admire figures such as the whale, monkey, dog, hummingbird, spider, and the so-called astronaut.
Take in the view of the Nazca Lines from the observation tower, and then continue your guided exploration of the Nazca Culture with a visit to the Maria Reiche Museum or nearby archaeological sites.
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Nazca Travel Tips

An overnight in Paracas is often paired with a Nazca Flyover Tour. Attractions in both Paracas and Nazca afford travelers a glimpse into the natural and intriguing human history of Peru’s desert coastline. From Lima, take a comfortable bus to Paracas (about 2.5 hours) and then continue by car to the Pisco airport to board a small plane to take you to Nazca and fly over the amazing geoglyphs. After landing, a transfer will take you to your hotel in Paracas. The selection of luxury hotels in Paracas is far superior to the accommodations available in Nazca City. Spend the night in Paracas and continue your guided exploration the following day.

An alternate option to the flight is the Maria Reiche Museum + Nazca Lines Lookout tour. A visit to the Observation Tower with views over a few geoglyphs is a great option for travelers who suffer from motion sickness but are too intrigued by the mystery of the Nazca Lines to pass up the chance for a close-up view.

Pilots fly at tilted angles and in tight circles in order to give all passengers the best views of the Nazca Lines. This jerky movement, paired with some turbulence, can make anyone feel queasy. Travelers prone to motion sickness are advised to plan ahead with medications or remedies to suppress or reduce symptoms.

Total Flight Times Vary:

  • From Pisco, it's a 1 hr 30 min flight
  • From Ica, it's a 1 hr 15 min flight
  • From Nazca, it's a 30 min flight

Nazca City is located:

  • 130 mi (215 km) from Paracas
  • 280 mi (455 km) from Lima

Nazca Flyover Tours depart from:

  • Nazca airport
  • Pisco airport
  • Ica airport
  • No departures from Lima airport


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