MIL more than a restaurant... an institution

MIL more than a restaurant... an institution

Collage showing Machu Picchu, several Peruvian dishes, and a traveler taking a photo.
Let us customize your Peru experience with unforgettable flavors and moments by adding Central and MIL to your Machu Picchu itinerary.

Mil Experience

Appreciation through Understanding. Understanding through Experiencing. The MIL Experience is more than just a meal, but a cultural experience.

The MIL Experience is a food tour and cultural tour in one. As you dine on an 8-course meal at one of Latin America's best restaurants, you'll witness Incan history in the Moray ruins

One set of the famous concentric circles found at the Moray ruins, as seen from above.
A purple potato cut in half, sitting next to a pile of other potatoes on top of some soil.
A selection of different Peruvian dishes with beautiful presentation at Mil Centro.
Mil Centro, a unique restaurant and research center, next to the fascinating Moray ruins.
Virgilio Martinez, one of the world's best chefs, posing in a field in Peru's Sacred Valley.
A dish served on a wooden cutting board at Mil Centro, located in Peru's Sacred Valley.

MIL Food Philosophy:

About Vigilio

Meet Inca Expert's exclusive new partner, owner of the highly-acclaimed Central restaurant, and winner of the world's top chef award: Virgilio Martinez.

Virgilio Martinez's success comes from the execution of his food philosophies through high-quality ingredients, mindful cultivation practices, and expert preparation. He creates innovative dishes you won't find anywhere else but at his exclusive Central and MIL restaurants.


Central was recognized with 15th place in World's Best list. It was voted the #1 restaurant in Latin.


Virgilio was the winner of the World's Top Chef award and featured in the Netflix docuseries Chef's.


MIL was established in the Sacred Valley.


MIL was South America's Best Restaurant by FOOD & WINE.


Virgilio featured with Zac Efron on Netflix and Gordon Ramsey on National Geographic documentaries.

The roof of Mil Centro, surrounded by the Andean landscapes of Peru's Sacred Valley.

Experience MIL with us

Inca Expert has spent over 20 years perfecting our top-notch service. We craft itineraries the same way Virgilio Martinez creates more than just a meal, it's a well-crafted labor of love. We design travel experiences that you'll hold onto forever.

As travelers ourselves, we know how important tasting local cuisines and ingredients are in stimulating memories around a place. Memories that include incredible food, laughter, great conversation, new sights, and new insights. Your Inca Expert travel advisor will customize your travel experience with foodie highlights to your exact preferences and schedule. With luxury hotels, private transportation, and expert local guides, you'll be ushered through noteworthy sites in Peru in utter comfort.

Add Central & MIL to Your Peru Itinerary

Customize your Peru experience with foodie highlights by adding Central, MIL, and more to any of our flexible Peru itineraries.


The interior of Central restaurant in Lima, considered one of the top 10 restaurants in the world.

Central has been on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list since 2014 and hasn't been omitted ever since. In 2017, Central was voted the #5th best restaurant in the entire world.

How to add it in:

Dinner experience - Include 1-day in Lima as you prefer, in the evening you'll be picked up for dinner at Central.

  • Day 1: Arrival to Lima
  • Day 2: Lima Tour & Dinner at Central
  • Day 3: Arrival to Cusco
Exquisite presentation of a small dish with meat and some greens at Central restaurant.


Aerial view of Mil Centro and the nearby Moray ruins, a series of mysterious concentric circles.

Since it first opened its doors in 2018 until today, MIL has been highly recognized as one of the best restaurants in Latin America.

How to add it in:

Lunch Experience - MIL can be enjoyed in all of our itineraries by adding in 1-day in the Sacred Valley. Because it is located over 11,500 ft above sea level, we recommend spending at least 24h in high-altitude beforehand to enjoy your meal to the fullest.

  • Cusco City Tour.
  • MIL Lunch & train to Machu Picchu.
  • Machu Picchu tour & return to Cusco.
Tarwi, or lupini beans, served in a sauce with edible flowers at Mil Centro restaurant.

Contact us today to personalize your travel experience with foodie highlights by adding meals at Central and MIL restaurants en route to Machu Picchu.


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