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Responsible Travel

As a responsible traveler, you want to do your part to respect the rich traditional ways of life of indigenous communities and preserve the delicate biodiversity woven into the country’s landscapes.

Since 1998, our team has fostered close relationships with tour providers and hotels from Peru whose love for their own country enriches the experiences of our travelers. Discover the wide variety of ways you can jump into the wonders of Peru with your responsible travel-loving heart.


Connecting you with the soul of Peru

Clean drinking water for remote communities in Peru

Our new partnership with Yaqua

What is YAQUA?

Yaqua is a social enterprise that aims to help some of Peru's most impoverished communities obtain access to safe and clean drinking water. Through their sale of their own branded bottled water, they reinvest 100% of their profits in further funding for their initiatives. They have collaborated with the Ministry of Development & Social Inclusion to identify the communities and regions in most need.

Plan your once in a lifetime experience.

Meet our representative at the Cusco airport and enjoy a complimentary bottle of Yaqua from Inca Expert.

Then, as you travel, purchase Yaqua instead of any other commercial brand. Every bottle of Yaqua helps finance a project that helps to bring water to people in need of it.


Our team lives, works, eats, and breathes all things Peru.
For us, giving back to the world that we take part is vital.

The Peruvian Economy

Our company is from Peru, just like our founder and director Bernard Schleien. In 1998, he started Peru for Less in Lima, Peru and our brand has since expanded and now includes Inca Expert Travel. About 65% of our in-office staff was born here and the rest of us come from the US, Canada, and beyond. Living in Peru is a common thread that runs through our entire team and we believe safeguarding this special country we call home is an absolute must.


Working directly with locally owned companies ensures that the money spent our travelers stays within the community and creates jobs for the people who live there. These economic benefits spill over into social benefits that instills locals with pride in their cultural roots. In the remote Andean and jungle regions of Peru, this helps keep traditional celebrations, cuisine and handicrafts as a part of everyday life.


“A properly done social responsibility effort is unique in itself,” says Bernard, our founder. “Anyone who has closely interacted with successful social entrepreneurs knows that they are a different breed of die-hard optimists. It is usually extraordinary people who turn such social efforts into success”

Inca Expert collaborated with the Concrete Jungle Foundation on their 2017 project in Trujillo, Peru that empowers youth. Read how this skatepark is making an incredible, lasting impact on the local community.

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Empowering youth

Inca Expert is proud to have collaborated with the Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF) on their latest 2017 social youth project in Trujillo, Peru that’s making an enormous impact on the local community for the better.

CJF is a nonprofit organization with a simple mission: to build skatepark facilities for the youth in underserved communities. But don’t be fooled, skateboarding is so much more than a fun pastime. By providing children with free access to skateparks, the activity of skateboarding is a powerful vehicle to improving self-esteem; promoting a healthy, active lifestyle; and building positive community relationships.


This video introduces you to the Skateboard Project in Alto Trujillo, Peru.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

About 500 discarded tires were collected by the truckload from the side of the road in Alto Trujillo as well as local car repair shops. These old tires were then reused as the principal building blocks of the skatepark’s foundation. To add extra support, the tires were filled with sand and stacked on top each other to manipulate the shape of each ramp before putting down the cement.

Going Green

Palm trees were donated by Vivero el Palmar, local palm nursery, to plant around the skatepark facility. The coastline of Peru is dry desert and in low income neighborhoods such as Alto Trujillo these palm trees not only add shaded relief from the sun, but also add lovely green beauty.

Positive Impact

Here’s a look at how the Alto Trujillo Skatepark is making a difference.

The Alto Trujillo Skatepark opened its ramps to the primary and secondary students of Colegio Simon Lozano Garcia in April 2017. Only students who attend school are allowed to use the skatepark, which will encourage more boys and girls to go to class so they can enjoy the new facilities. The skatepark is also a supervised place where kids can socialize after school and channel their energy into the creative outlet of skateboarding.

Because the skatepark is a space that’s shared among all the students, everyone needs to respect each other, the rules of the skatepark, and the equipment that’s available for use.

Skateboarding is a fun activity for both girls and boys. The skatepark will build a sense of community through their mutual enjoyment of the sport.

At its core, skateboardings is a really fun outdoor sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle. There were no opportunities to skateboard in Alto Trujillo before the skatepark was constructed. Learning new maneuvers through dedication and practice can also help children gain more confidence and self-esteem.


About Trujillo Skateboard Project

Concrete Jungle Foundation chose Alto Trujillo as the site for their first skatepark. To get to this impoverished neighborhood of Trujillo, you must follow the streets leading away from the city’s plaza de armas and venture to the outskirts where many families survive on incomes far less than Peru’s minimum wage of 850 soles (about 250 US dollars) per month. Life here is tough and further compounded by the scarcity of clean running water and reliable electricity.

Clement and Harry, worked alongside the residents of Alto Trujillo as volunteers and observed firsthand the hardships that families face on a daily basis. For children, a concrete football court cracked with age was their only outlet for outdoor fun and CJF wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to fill this void in a big and educational way.

The Alto Trujillo Skatepark was built on the grounds of the public school Colegio Simon Lozano Garcia. This decision was an important part of CJF’s holistic approach for making lives of children in Alto Trujillo better by using the loving culture of skateboarding as a motivating tool to improve school attendance of this primary and secondary school’s 450 students. Only students who show up for class are allowed the use the skatepark facility, which is a strict policy enforced by school staff.

Inca Expert Travel is proud to partner with CJF and make Alto Trujillo Skatepark possible. Fundraising, volunteer support, and construction expertise were made possible by CJF to build the Alto Trujillo Skatepark, and then the nonprofit coordinated with the director of Colegio Simon Lozano Garcia to establish policies to regulate use, safety, and general upkeep of the skatepark.

For ongoing volunteer opportunities at the Alto Trujillo Skatepark, check out SKIP - Supporting Kids in Peru

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