I'm Melissa Schenk Travel Advisor

I was born and raised in Germany . I received a bachelor’s degree in Health and Tourism Management from the University of Economics and Environment Nürtingen-Geislingen in Germany. During a semester abroad in Peru I got to know various places in the country and fell in love, so I decided to move back to Lima after the pandemic.

For me, traveling has always brought me immense joy and excitement. It's a mix of different emotions that as a whole helps you to dive into the unknown with a smile on your face and a bag on your back.

Random things that I love



  • Jorja Smith,
  • Dua Lipa,
  • and J Balvin


  • “A star is born”,
  • “13 going to 30”,
  • and “The Adams project”

4 favorite destinations in Peru

Rainbow Mountain
Baños, Ecuador
Maras, Cusco

Some tips and recommedations when traveling to Peru:

The cuisine in Peru is unique. You should definitely try your way through the gastronomy. Be careful though, your stomach has to get used to the spices and bacteria. Enjoy it to the fullest, but take it slow!

If you know a few words of Spanish: Do not be shy and use your skills! A simple "Hola" can already make someones day.

If you are at a high altitude, be sure to use sunscreen. Even if the sun is not shining. You don't want to risk a fiery red forehead. ;)


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