I'm Silvia Rincon Travel Advisor

I am extremely passionate about traveling. I love Latin American landscapes, from the Caribbean beaches, to highlands of the Andes, to the magical Patagonia lands. I truly believe sustainable tourism is essential for traveling, to ensure that future generations enjoy the same landscapes we see today. I have worked in the tourism industry for over ten years. I value friendship and happiness, so you will find a friend in me. In my spare time, I love to travel, go to the beach, get some wine, meditate and read a good book.

Travel means interacting with other cultures, learning from them, and having the opportunity to support local projects and communities. I'm a big fan of sustainable travel.

Random things that I love



  • Gustavo Cerati,
  • Dave Matthews Band,
  • and Multicultural music


  • “Inglorious Basterds”,
  • “Pulp Fiction”,
  • and “Amelie”

4 favorite destinations in Peru

Machu Picchu
Amazon Cruise

Some tips and recommedations when traveling to Peru:

Take your time to interact with locals, there is no better way to know a country than by its people.

When coming to Cusco I suggest going first to the Sacred Valley, as it has a lower altitude, and then visit Cusco.

Visit local markets.


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